Feminist Friend

The fun thing about my “feminist” friend is that I’ve known her since she was 16 so I’ve seen her go from typical teen girl to typical college feminist. There was really no surprise. She ditched her faith (typical pastor’s kid) and picked up the title “gay rights activist” which means she gets drunk and parties with fabulous people during gay pride month.

The thing is whenever her issues come up in conversations, she quickly concedes to the points I make. I’m not even doing anything grand other than agreeing with some of the simpler points and then teasingly showing why the rest of what she’s saying is ridiculous.

Luckily these issues don’t really come up often in real life interaction as I would be bored as hell if all anyone ever talked about with me was “issues”.  Messing with her on Facebook is where the real gold happens because I can slip in reasonable points in the midst of her college friends commiserating with her in her comments about how crazy and backwards the world is against women. These comments coming from middle-upper class women who aren’t even paying for their schooling. Life is so hard.

What I find interesting is the rise in attention I get from her when I do engage in these conversations with her. Since I don’t just sit there and nod my head and pick at her illogical base for her arguments, it doesn’t make her hate me; it makes her like me more. Wife thinks it’s funny that she has this latent crush on me, but how could I blame her?


3 thoughts on “Feminist Friend

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