Sexless Marriage In the Courtroom

News out of New Delhi that upholds the right to use denial of sex, or a sexless marriage as grounds for divorce.

Lucky for us Americans we have the no fault divorce; get married, get a divorce tens of hours later.

Back to the issue of a sexless marriage, I would have nothing to hold back in offering support to a married friend if he started complaining of the lack of sex in his marriage. First I would make sure he’s aware of the bigger picture that may have put him in the situation to begin with:

-a brief overview of a red-pill worldview and what a situation he’s put himself into and how to proceed from there as a person tied down to marriage.

-weight gain/sex rank loss

-loss of Alpha frame, even if it was subconscious for him to begin with, it would be important to point those personality traits out to him of what he had before he

-overuse of Beta traits to the point of turning off his wife

-possibly not actually being a very good guy to begin with

(Athol does a fine job of breaking all of these points down for more poon so I’ll leave it short)

These points get tossed around plenty on the more tamer manosphere blogs that focus more on long term relationship saving.

The thing is, I’m not sure how this would translate over into a culture that exists in India.

The article itself is a little humorous to read as it starts to acknowlege some of the absurdities about trying to figure out who is even telling the truth and how one would even rate what is an appropriate amount of sex within a marriage.

The court took cognizance of the wife’s decision to deny sex to the husband, especially on the very first night, and then not to actively participate in it, as an act of cruelty and a blow to the institution of marriage.

Imagine hearing something like this coming from a supreme court judge in the USA?

So we can officially add celibacy to the list of things destroying the institution of marriage; homosexuality and the oncoming wave of zoophiles.


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