How To Survive Self-Employment

I’m working on getting the long list of all the things I’m good at focused down to the few I should use as a source of income. With some significant changes coming in my personal life headed my way, I’d really like to have more sources of income than just working in an office. I think the thing that’s holding me back right now is how do I get the word out about the things I’m exceptionally good at?

I’m interested in some ideas because there are just so many voices on the internet saying “just do it and watch the money come in”.

I read Frost’s recent re-write of his Lifestyle Guide and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great quick pick-me-up and is rich on resources that I’ll be following up on.

In the meantime I’m worried about the ability to find a new job if I ever move without having to wait around for someone to hire me before the move. I want to be there now.

My action plan is to at least be more productive in something; writing, recording, putting the things I know on paper and talking about it with people.


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