Teach Boys Game

A common meme within the slutwalkers is putting the entire weight of responsibility upon the man for rape. Often they are holding a sign that essentially says “Don’t tell me how to dress, teach men to not rape.” Obviously shared responsibility has been entirely lost.

This is nothing new though. When men in the media are portrayed as either bumbling idiots that can’t change a diaper or stand up to their woman, or as ravenous, violent apes unable to control their urge have sex and rape the unwilling.

Add to this a program in California (link, press release) led by US Davis have started a program in schools called “Coaching Boys into Men” which is supposed to help curb the “physical, sexual, and emotional aggression prevalent in adolescent romantic relationships” because “one in three adolescent girls experiences physical, emotional or verbal abuse by a dating partner” in the United States. It’s unclear where this one in three number comes from or what defines “verbal abuse” as it is just as likely that teasing a girl could be considered “abuse” because she just doesn’t like it.

The program has such tender intentions that I hate to come down so hard on it but it’s taking the typical blue-pill solution to a problem that may just contribute to more submissive men and perpetuates the trope that all relationship problems and the root of all violence in any relationship is with the man.

I will be coaching our boys on Game/Charisma* adjusted for their adolescent relationships. It’s what should be done in the first place. The idea that a “real man” is someone who plays puppy dog to a woman was the reality I grew up in that I won’t be passing on.

Our sons will not be violent to anyone that does not deserve it. They will not force themselves violently, sexually upon a girl after she has said “no” because he has other options – there will be no desperation on his part. It will be her loss and she will know it. Our sons will be confident enough to leave a demanding, bitchy partner because he knows that there is someone else willing to be a feminine, supportive partner elsewhere.

And just as he should be able to defend and protect himself physically with any man, he will also not hesitate to defend and protect himself physically if a woman attacks him – be it with her hands, teeth, knives, or firearm.

Coaching Boys Into Men of distinction, knowledge, game, and charisma.


4 thoughts on “Teach Boys Game

    • I’m lucky that I my son’s mother, my main girl, is an eye opened red-pill woman. It’d be a painful struggle to teach my children if they had a mother that constantly said the opposite.

      • She seemed to have the outlook naturally but didn’t really get why or even “the why” (biological imperative etc) until I started bouncing a lot of ideas I was reading off of her a year ago. We’re both outgoing people that naturally tend to be social hubs with our groups of friends and lovers. Putting the reason why into place and learning to hone these social skills was the result.

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