The Time We Have Now Ends

There’s either something serious happening in the content I keep coming across or my brain is just reassuring itself that everything is going to be okay.

In three weeks I’m leaving my job of five years that provided my health insurance and a predictable bi-weekly paycheck and moving 900 miles without any really solid leads for employment in a similar job market. Quitting the office game and moving to a new city has been a desire I’ve had for over two years and so with a nice wad of cash saved up to cover my expenses the first 90 days I’m settled on it. I sent in a letter stating my intention to move out to my landlord, scheduled my oldest child’s last day at school, and later this week I’ll be telling my manager that I’m working my last two weeks.

Over the past month I’ve come across more and more highly motivating and encouraging pieces of literature, including many within the red-pill crowd. From Frost at Freedom Twenty-Five, to Victor Pride at Bold and Determined, and more recently after reading Althol Kay’s post yesterday and Badger’s follow up on it. I don’t feel best utilized in my current position and have been feeling a new energy to pursue the passive avenues of income that have been novel and turn them into things that make me happy and satisfied.

I’m going to be thrust into a position of necessity, as it were, to truly fully flex my skills in negotiation, charm, deceit, and content creation. The rush I’m feeling knowing that this is coming isn’t anxiety, which is surprising to me, but it’s that excitement of adrenaline. That high you get when you are really on a roll.

So, I’m thankful for the community of well spoken, sharp witted men that I’ve nosed around with vicariously through the internet over the past year and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from them. I’m more confident and self aware than I’ve ever been and that alone has been worth the ride thus far.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this topic as moving day gets closer. I’m interested in getting these thoughts out and seeing where they go.


3 thoughts on “The Time We Have Now Ends

  1. It’s a stage that’s becoming a lot more common as the first world becomes more wealthy. Those in poverty want a job to take care of their basic needs taken care of; those who have their basic needs met want a job that pays well enough to buy material comforts; those who have a job that pays well want a job that’s emotionally fulfilling and true to their nature. I wonder what happens after that step.

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