Blue-Pill Alphas In the Heart of Texas

[For the sake of ease of writing, I’m going to refer to my main girl’s family as my in-laws since they consider us married (we aren’t) and we tend to publicly present as such and we have kids together – if you don’t understand, read my “about” page. If you still have questions, ask]

I have relocated to Texas after a decade in Tennessee to be closer to family and because, basically, I felt like my time was up and had used up my usefulness in there. Music wasn’t going anywhere as my short lived minor career fizzled a few years after moving there. Time for a change and what better place for me than Austin?

Music, family, girls, and beer.

Our first full day here we headed out of town to visit my brother-in-law. He, like is brothers and his dad before him, are very alpha in frame. Commands a room, very talkative, never shy, and you can sense that vibe. His wife wakes up to make him breakfast when he gets up at 4:30am. He holds on tight to his beliefs but doesn’t get scared or phased when confronted by someone with a different opinion.

The thing that plagues his beliefs is his blue-pill outlook on life. Very patriarchal in a Christian family structure operates with the idea that men have an obligation to cater to women.

Any man that wants to date any of his sisters is assumed a rapist. Very seriously treated as if a man in the family isn’t present while she is seeing a boyfriend that he will very much rape her.

This isn’t based on anything like bad neighborhoods or general, healthy racism. This is based on the fact that a boy is interested in a girl.

I use the example of a sister because it’s recent but it’s not just for family. This is his opinion and will give it to any man with a sister or daughter.

A girl gets pregnant? She better immediately marry the cretin and never divorce him. She slutted it up and doesn’t know who the father is? No abortion, no adoption; “that’s what family is for” to help raise the bastard child.

I’ve seen how being raise this way as affected the women in my “Wife’s” family. Her sisters have either fully embraced this outlook on life or have entirely rejected it for the lifestyle of promiscuous sex and/or serial monogamy, college education, and calling oneself a “Feminist”.

(calling out these girls on the “Feminist” label results in full hamster spin. They don’t actually follow feminism and quickly agree to red-pill ideas on biological reasons for the current SMP. Anyways, they’re fun to talk to for that reason).

@alpha_persona “Just because you’re an alpha doesn’t mean you automatically know what you’re doing.”


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