One at home, two in the kitty, and three in the bedroom

Just some notes for posterity.

Two days ago I started up a conversation with a remarkable single mom my age. Certainly not to be confused with a 21 year old but she has taken good steps to keep herself in great shape; feminine, long hair, blonde, fit. After exchanging a few messages we easily slipped into a more sexually focused conversation. Several nude pics later we were making plans to hang out soon. One of the topics was about threesomes. Neither of us having been in one but both desiring, we planned on getting a friend of her’s that she suspects would be game to schedule a party for the three of us. It will be fun to see if this actually plays out. In the meantime, the pics keep coming. She is generous.

2nd girl started talking to me yesterday. She’s a trip (or perhaps a typical hamster-driven female) because I can tell she’s sexually interested but everytime the conversation moves more sexually, and often with her nudging, she then apologizes for being sexual. I ignore it. She’s a shit-testing question asker. I’ll ignore the question entirely and keep talking about the subject at hand or do the ole agree-and-amplify routine.

“When was the last time I had sex?”
“I have a harem, remember?”

All of these conversations were going on last night as my main girl and I hosted a party with our close circle of friends; the six of us listening to music, drinking, and having a good time. Having two girls texting me all night really amped up my confidence with my main. Especially in the taking-what-I-want and not being afraid to be sexual in front of her instincts.

Main girl’s best friend thought it would be cute if they took a picture of them kissing while the rest of the friends were on the balcony in the night air. I insisted on taking the pictures; it’s been a latent fantasy to see them kiss and even more to get it on camera. Spending about five minutes framing the picture while they pecked, I told them to just stop giggling and let go; use some tongue. I got closer as they started really enjoying themselves…and then…I invited myself into the mix. The three of us nibbled on each others lips and sucked on each others tongues as my hands felt free enjoying the physical landscape. It didn’t last all but a few minutes. We were expected to come back into the living room to play board games.

It was a good night.


Rum Diary, Friday April 13th

7:38pm. Several drinks in. Everyone is at the table eating dinner – pizza – while I sit close to the balcony door , as the sounds of kids outside playing soccer sneak their way across the threshold.
The oldest is eating pepperoni.
The youngest, cheese.
They sit with their mother, my main girl, as I write.
Company will be joining us soon.
Wine, whiskey, rum and coke.
Anything goes.

Thursday Morning Huddle

So cool. So Instagrammy

“Huddle” is businesspeak invented soley to make the manager who is conducting the “huddle” feel like he’s part of the team.

He isn’t. He’s talked about when he leaves the room and mocked for his faux enthusiasm for his soul crushing job. We all know why we’re here. Meanwhile he’s acting like he’s fulfilling his life mission managing a team of office workers and we all know it’s bullshit.

It’s not surprising that there are still plenty of people who are shocked at the things that lovers say to one another behind closed doors. Some of us are happy to speak disgusting words in public but are shamed for it. The rest of us are happy to let loose our desires upon our mates. The blue pill crowd is shocked and offended though – how offensive it is to talk sexually to a woman!

In response to my post about playfully warming up your SO/Wife for sex later that night yesterday I blew the minds of some pansies on Metafilter

I’m actually a little proud that my tame version of dirty talk would be labeled as a trigger and “NSFW”. I’ve hit a new high!

Not really though. I’ve not written a word not already pushed into space for the world to read that Athol Kay and other Red-Pill anti-white knights have said regarding talking sexually to a girl. I’m breaking ground, but not ground breaking.

I’m also proud of my contribution to the internet wanting to know more about Instagram (a post that’s very popular with search terms, ha!). Bronan the Barbarian may just start sending you vintage filtered dick pics!

Mind Frame: It Should Be About You First

“I’m going to fuck you with or without your permission.”

If you’re doing it right, saying that phrase to your girl will get a giggle out of her. She might even play along as the part of the unwilling.

Sometimes she’ll giggle but then still play the part of the ragdoll because she’s not as horny as you but she knows that it’s good for both of you to have sex.

I am, of course, talking about LTR situations here. I have kids and an LTR with my girl so I’m not speaking from the perspective of the girl you’re talking to at a party or a club. That may very well work there too but just to make it clear because I’m going to mention issues that come up in the LTR/marriage in this post.

I’m of the opinion that guys need to stop worrying so much about “how do I make her cum” and “why doesn’t she ever initiate sex”. For one, you shouldn’t have any problem initiating sex – it’s your biological prerogative. Get with that. Second, if she doesn’t know how to cum, she’s not going to trust you to teach her; she needs to learn herself.

Hopefully she has a healthy masturbatory habit because, unlike with guys who masturbate so much it drains their desire to even approach girls, the more your girl knows herself, the better she’ll be with telling you how to make her feel good in bed. So let’s stop worrying about it. Get yours. Ravage that body, change positions, make noises, and don’t let go until you’re done.

And don’t apologize for an impromptu quickie – sometimes your going to have a short session. There’s always next time.

I’m mentioning all of this, perhaps as a letter to myself. These were things that bothered me years ago when I lacked confidence and wouldn’t enjoy sex because I was worried about her experience while we banged. I would ask her afterwards if she even liked it. I would wonder if she was annoyed that I wanted to have sex. I won’t get into that mind frame anymore. If I’m confident from the get go (barring health issues or the appropriateness of it in the first place) and go for it, we’re going to bang. This is how it should have been years ago.

The Time We Have Now Ends

There’s either something serious happening in the content I keep coming across or my brain is just reassuring itself that everything is going to be okay.

In three weeks I’m leaving my job of five years that provided my health insurance and a predictable bi-weekly paycheck and moving 900 miles without any really solid leads for employment in a similar job market. Quitting the office game and moving to a new city has been a desire I’ve had for over two years and so with a nice wad of cash saved up to cover my expenses the first 90 days I’m settled on it. I sent in a letter stating my intention to move out to my landlord, scheduled my oldest child’s last day at school, and later this week I’ll be telling my manager that I’m working my last two weeks.

Over the past month I’ve come across more and more highly motivating and encouraging pieces of literature, including many within the red-pill crowd. From Frost at Freedom Twenty-Five, to Victor Pride at Bold and Determined, and more recently after reading Althol Kay’s post yesterday and Badger’s follow up on it. I don’t feel best utilized in my current position and have been feeling a new energy to pursue the passive avenues of income that have been novel and turn them into things that make me happy and satisfied.

I’m going to be thrust into a position of necessity, as it were, to truly fully flex my skills in negotiation, charm, deceit, and content creation. The rush I’m feeling knowing that this is coming isn’t anxiety, which is surprising to me, but it’s that excitement of adrenaline. That high you get when you are really on a roll.

So, I’m thankful for the community of well spoken, sharp witted men that I’ve nosed around with vicariously through the internet over the past year and the wisdom I’ve gleaned from them. I’m more confident and self aware than I’ve ever been and that alone has been worth the ride thus far.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this topic as moving day gets closer. I’m interested in getting these thoughts out and seeing where they go.

How To Use Instagram For Android Like a Poor Person

OMG I’ve only just heard, I’ve only just heard; Instagram is now available for your Android phones!

Now all of us poor normals can have access to one of the most highly regarded gated communities on the internet!

about 18 months ago the iPhoneosphere went beserk when the Instagram app was added to the iTunes store and people everywhere started taking pictures and sharing them with filters to make their snapshots of mundane life look like they were taken with a film camera.

Now you can join in on the fun with your cheap ass Cricket phone or Virgin Mobile pre-paid “smart” phone.

“Smart” because we all know that a true smart person would already own an iPhone. 

So here’s how it works:
go to the Google Play store on your “smart”phone
download the Instagram app (an app so broken from the beginning they update it and make you re-download the entire 14mb app twice a day)
create a whimsical username
connect it to your facebook and twitter account (and foursquare and tumblr for extra emo cred)
search for your friends and start following them (this is extra fun because your friends that are already on Instagram have been using it for at least a year on their iPhones. They’ll be super pissed that you’re following them and trying to share your shitty pictures taken on your shitty lens on your “smart”phone)
take a picture of your feet (or the sky, or an old building, and especially your lunch or coffee cup), add a filter, and upload it – click on the other networks you want it to post to as well (you need to show off how creative and introspective you are)
continue about 20 times a day and rack up your “hearts” and comment on your friends pictures
repeat daily until the world burns

Pro-tip: if you’re a girl then you are already on the fast track to Instagram stardom. Here’s some great examples (1)(2)(3)(4)

There, now you have joined the elite in a high quality sharing network of photographs of the highest caliber.

If you come across any haters, fuck ’em. They’re just jealous that you take better pictures than they do because you’ve had to be creative with your choice of photo editing options available to you before Instagram came along. They actually love your pictures and are afraid to admit it.

Any questions? Ask away. I’ve had it since it came out for Android three days ago and I now have 9,000 followers. I got this.

Contributing To Personal Debt and Unemployment With a College Degree

You’re wasting your time and money on paying for classes in college to study things that will leave you thousands of dollars in debt and working in a library.

Speaking of, you should have just picked up the reading list from those classes, headed to the county library, and learned the material for free so you could spend time doing something that won’t leave your local community having to support you through the welfare system…or in the case of a couple of my friends, depending on your boyfriend/husband to not lose his well paying job so that he can pay down your debt for you.

It may be the male equivalent of a rationalization hamster spinning, but I’m often glad I left college after three semesters. I’m more focused on how to make money and have the drive to do what needs to be done to get it. What I see happening in my friends, whose ages range from early twenties to mid thirties – mostly female, is them just rolling through picking up classes and piling on the debt thinking that just because they went to school that they won’t end up back at the coffee shop, or that they’ll have a reason to leave their nanny job.

But what is a good reason to go to college now? It’d be nice to say I had earned something for my short time there ten years ago but instead I dropped out, moved 2000 miles away from home, and traveled the country playing music. I’m a little more tied down now but I still have the ability to go out an earn money doing what I want if I manage my time and resources the right way.

I may be getting the itch to do something wild and what’s to stop me?

Did you know?

Did you know?

If you are an adult and you are dating and possibly having a sexual relationship with another adult you could be seen as a sexual predator? It’s not that one of the adults is mentally handicapped or being preyed upon. Nope. The problem is that one of the adults is 18 years old.

With the war on men and their ability to have enough game to snatch up a girl 15 – 20 years younger than them, post wall women are pissed.

Luckily the constitution is on our side, men.

An Arkansas man was originally convicted of having a sexual relationship with an 18 year old adult including four counts of second degree sexual assault under Arkansas Code section 5-14-125(a)(6). After some reality was struck the state supreme court they begrudgingly decided two adults were allowed to have a consenting sexual relationship.

This isn’t news and it certainly ins’t surprising to those of us that are aware that as soon as a healthy, fit girl is physically able to reproduce, a man’s biological desire to reproduce with her will be in full gear.

One of my longtime friends is married to a girl who was 18 when they met. He gets plenty of teasing from his guy friends but mostly in a congradulatory tone. But it’s the women in his life that think he’s creepy. Creepy because she’s young. That he didn’t feel the need to restrict himself to dating only women recently off the carousel in their thirties. Women who didn’t have a problem dating older men when they were this girls age.

One of his female critics; 23 years old and engaged to a 34 year old.

S M fuckin H

Why Do We Need the Church?

Maybe I’m confused or I’m missing the boat on something but there seems to be a divide on the usefulness of the Christian church and it’s affect on society whether positive or negative. I seem to hear those who have a more agnostic stance and then those who seem to believe it’s best to at least have the church because it keeps society running better than those evil atheist communist third-world countries.

I’m torn.

I grew up in an evangelical Christian church. I was taught that true love waits until marriage for sex and that it was my sacrifice of worship to attend church every Sunday.

Seriously, that it was my part of worship by it being a pain in the ass to go to church on Sunday.

I hated church.

I enjoyed the social aspect in Sunday school, on Wednesday nights, pool parties, and generally having something to do because I didn’t know any better but I hated sitting bored as hell for two hours on Sunday.

After moving out of the house and several states away to persue a rockstar lifestyle (which never really happened because I didn’t know game) I started attending an Anglican church and fell in love with the communion service; the ritual, the bread, and the wine. At the time I believed it all to be true and felt more connected spiritually to do something that seemed so different than the feel good pop rock church I grew up in.

Then I stopped going to church about two years ago because I couldn’t take what seemed to be a deliberate stance by the church to ignore the reality of life. There weren’t any real answers to any real problems. Easily today I see that the reason is because of the feminist-ization of the church over the past few decades. Even the very patriarchal churches that some of my extended family attends (see CREC and some PCA churches; they tend to frown on any female leadership and focus on head-of-household church structure) ignore the problems that feminism has brought into the church.

I don’t know that I actually believe all of the magical stuff that hardcore Christians believe. It seems to stupid to take it at 100% and be so proud to be so blindly led.

But I miss the communion service.

I want find somewhere I can dip in for a short service, have the bread and the wine and the old hymns, and maybe dispense some red-pill worldviews among the faithful. I don’t want to talk about how wonderful God is and how powerful prayer is listen to the endless stream of women complaining about being a housewife under the veil of it being a holy struggle. They’re all rationalizing. I’m done with that.

God may be dead but perhaps I’m needed back in the pews to help the open the eyes of the soft pudgy men that don’t realize they are feeling the same way I felt.

Support In Mala Fide

I like books but dammit I am quite a cheapskate. Add on top of that I like to keep things minimal in my abode and while I’d like to keep a certain type of book on a shelf for decoration, I don’t want to end up looking like some of my bibliophile friends whose apartments are littered with books they may one day get around to reading.

In June 2011 I bought Athol’s Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011. It’s a book I’ll be passing on to my married friends. Great content. It plunged me into the archives of his blog and learned about all the other characters writing in the manosphere. I had a very eye opening experience gazing into the very real world of women, sex, pickup, psychology, misogyny, misandry, racism, classism, and how easy it would have been for me to bang all the girls I was pining for in my early twenties.

Here we are in the modern age and great people can write something and get it out to me on a kindle (or other e-reader) without me having to drop $30 on something I may not want to have physically laying around my place after I’m done with it. I’m finding great content for under $10 and I don’t have to invest in the paper.

Frost has done it with his lifestyle guide and so does The Chef In Jeans has his archetypal dinner date.

Ferd at In Mala Fide has two offerings for you that are at the easy price points of $0.99 and $1.49 that should be added to your digital collection post haste. You’ll be supporting the major dark hub of internet evil that we all know and love and I’m plenty fine with that.

The good news is if you donate at least $10 of support to I.M.F. you’ll get Frost’s Freedom Twenty-Five Lifestyle Guide as well.

Click here for all of the details …It’s almost like a local NPR pledge drive but more or less with sex involved.

I’ve bought all items mentioned above without any reason to speak about them other than I want my brethren to better themselves as I have.

And I fully expect you to as well.