Blue-Pill Alphas In the Heart of Texas

[For the sake of ease of writing, I’m going to refer to my main girl’s family as my in-laws since they consider us married (we aren’t) and we tend to publicly present as such and we have kids together – if you don’t understand, read my “about” page. If you still have questions, ask]

I have relocated to Texas after a decade in Tennessee to be closer to family and because, basically, I felt like my time was up and had used up my usefulness in there. Music wasn’t going anywhere as my short lived minor career fizzled a few years after moving there. Time for a change and what better place for me than Austin?

Music, family, girls, and beer.

Our first full day here we headed out of town to visit my brother-in-law. He, like is brothers and his dad before him, are very alpha in frame. Commands a room, very talkative, never shy, and you can sense that vibe. His wife wakes up to make him breakfast when he gets up at 4:30am. He holds on tight to his beliefs but doesn’t get scared or phased when confronted by someone with a different opinion.

The thing that plagues his beliefs is his blue-pill outlook on life. Very patriarchal in a Christian family structure operates with the idea that men have an obligation to cater to women.

Any man that wants to date any of his sisters is assumed a rapist. Very seriously treated as if a man in the family isn’t present while she is seeing a boyfriend that he will very much rape her.

This isn’t based on anything like bad neighborhoods or general, healthy racism. This is based on the fact that a boy is interested in a girl.

I use the example of a sister because it’s recent but it’s not just for family. This is his opinion and will give it to any man with a sister or daughter.

A girl gets pregnant? She better immediately marry the cretin and never divorce him. She slutted it up and doesn’t know who the father is? No abortion, no adoption; “that’s what family is for” to help raise the bastard child.

I’ve seen how being raise this way as affected the women in my “Wife’s” family. Her sisters have either fully embraced this outlook on life or have entirely rejected it for the lifestyle of promiscuous sex and/or serial monogamy, college education, and calling oneself a “Feminist”.

(calling out these girls on the “Feminist” label results in full hamster spin. They don’t actually follow feminism and quickly agree to red-pill ideas on biological reasons for the current SMP. Anyways, they’re fun to talk to for that reason).

@alpha_persona “Just because you’re an alpha doesn’t mean you automatically know what you’re doing.”


How I Failed (and You Can Too!)

Self loathing stories from my past for you, my dear reader, to learn from if being the nice guy is your current game with the ladies.

This was years ago. I had been out of the house on my own for about two years after having picked up and moved across the country to a new city. I was working in a cafe that was popular with the young, fit college girls that lived in the neighborhood and went to school at one of the universities nearby. Great for meeting meeting pretty girls. Even if they had a boyfriend, those guys were miles, states, or countries away.

Mary was a short, cute daddy’s girl with glasses and an amazing ass. She knew how to cook, clean, and had even learned how to hunt deer. She and her obese roommate would come in everyday and flirt with me, but it was the single, obese roommate that would spend extra time on me. I entertained Obese Girl’s attention because it usually involved Mary. I quickly developed a crush on Mary knowing she had a boyfriend that lived several hundred miles and two states away. She was giving me good vibes that she was digging on me and I couldn’t get enough of her visually.

We started hanging out outside of work, first with Obese Girl tagging along. Driving around town with no destination in mind, listening to bands we mutually loved, and enjoying the high that comes when you’re feeling great hanging out with someone you like. Eventually Mary and I started hanging out without the obese third wheel. We’d chat on AIM and flirt on MySpace. She’d find me hanging out at a rival cafe (who wants to relax where they work?) and we’d kick it for hours.

But I didn’t escalate. She had a boyfriend and even though she was giving me clear signals that she liked me, I had to honor her relationship with her absent boyfriend. Gaaayyyy, I know.

It was clear as day. Even my friends joked that she was my in-town girlfriend.

It came to a moment that I’ll always remember in my chumpdom. 

The season premier for a popular-with-the-young-girls TV show at the time was coming up and we made plans to watch it together, alone, in her apartment. This was the night that I was going to confess my feelings for her and if she felt the same way we would join together as a couple and she would break up with her boyfriend. I felt that this was it. This would do the trick to get her to come to me.

That night rolled around. I had to work that afternoon and I had even brought a trimmer to work to clean up my stubble a little before showing up at her place. Boy was I nervous! I was about to open up my true feelings for this girl who obviously liked be back but must be waiting to make sure I liked to her too.

We watch the episode and have a good time. Laughter, snuggling, talking shit about her obese roommate.

The night was winding down so I knew this was it, I needed to tell her how I felt.

We were both standing in the front room of her apartment and without any warning on my part I just say it:

“Mary, I think it’s obvious that we get along so well together and we like each other. I know you have a boyfriend but I really like you and I think you like me too. I want to keep seeing you. What do you think?”


She was not ready for this. I just took all the energy out of the room. This was not what she wanted to hear. She wanted me to take her into her room and have her but instead I played my cards and jumped headfirst into the sexless in-town boyfriend zone. 

She agreed that she liked me but couldn’t do anything about it. She liked me a lot but we just need to stay friends. Her boyfriend was going to be visiting in a few weeks anyways.

I told her it was cool and that I’m glad that we can just be friends.

We hung out a few times more. I even tagged along when her boyfriend visited.

Not long after we drifted apart. I had started to get frustrated that I had turned into the guy that gives her unending attention when her boyfriend wasn’t around.

She’s married now to the guy. She’s still good looking from what I can tell on Facebook but she’s never responded to any messages I had sent afterwards of “hey, just seeing how you’re doing!”

Pure, full blown Beta game, guys.

This is how you take a gold, fucking GOLDEN opportunity and ruin it for yourself.

Women were this precious thing to shouldn’t be corrupted – even though she wanted me to make moves on her sexually

I was respecting her relationship – even though she was spending enormous amounts of time with another guy, me, and would never let her boyfriend know about me.

I made the move to pour my heart out to her so that we could both acknowledge our attraction and take the next step – even though all she was interested in, pre-friendzone, was the passion and physical connection that she wasn’t getting from her boyfriend. She was in college looking for the college experience for shit’s sake.

Here are my lessons learned

1. Any girl, regardless of relationship status, is game for a bang provided she’s going along with the seduction.

2. Telling a girl you like her does the opposite of what you, a nice guy, thinks it will do. Don’t tell her how you feel, show her how you feel with your tongue, hands, and when the moment comes, dick.

3. Classic beta advice shit: don’t be a celibate boyfriend. A girl is not your best friend. She is either pre-bang, post-bang, wing-girl, or entertainment. Anything more and you should be married to her and having daily sex while she stays home to raise the babies.

4. I like making lists after writing stories.

Setting Limits and Making Decisions


An important thing for a former blue-pill man to remember as he has more girls enter his life and perhaps refelcts on his failed past relationships or marriage.

A woman will respond to a leader despite her initial protests, if any, to his decisions. And I’m not talking about being a  repressive selfish asshole. I mean, as a charismatic alpha male, doing what you want and having your girl follow you.

Two examples from my sordid lifestyle:

Last week I was out with a girl. We were having coffee and despite her every attempt to shit test me and control the evening, I wouldn’t let her. The conversations was going where I wanted it to go. I would straight up ignore a question that I didn’t want to answer and talk about something else. After we finished our drinks I took her hand and told her we were going on a walk in the neighborhood. She said she didn’t want to but she followed anyway. I pointed out some notable houses in the neighborhood that I knew some history on; famous people who have lived there etc. She was following and she knew it. She even said as much – “I’m not used to guys not pursuing me and doing what I want, this is different”. We were in my car with our pants off an hour later. Correlation, causation, I don’t give a fuck – leading is attractive.

Second. main girl and I were out this morning walking to the store to get some items we needed for lunch. On the way back we passed a decent second hand clothing store and went in to look around. I found nothing but some shoes that were too small. A long enough time had passed and I was ready to go but she was still looking, ever so slowly, at every piece of 2000 items of women’s clothing in this store. Shopping wasn’t even on the plan, just something we thought would be fun to do for a dip-in. She wasn’t wrapping it up so I had to tell her “We’re leaving in ten minutes”.

She quickly grabbed a couple items and ran to the fitting room. When she came out she was happy to have a few things that fit but realized what was going on:

“Hey, I never tell you to hurry up” (not teasing or smiling, she felt a little intimidated that I was telling her that we were leaving)
“That’s because I never waste my time on things I don’t like”

Minutes later she was affectionate and pleasant and happy. Job done.

Let’s contrast that with a beta pleaser:

In the first story, the beta people-pleaser would have back tracked when talking to the girl while out for coffee. Following her storyline and answering every one of her questions sincerely. By the end of their drink she would have been bored with him. If he wanted to go on a walk he would have asked her if she wanted to, putting the pressure on her to decide the nights activities – not what’s going to make her excited to take her shirt off for you. She would have probably said “no thanks, I told my friend I would go swing by her place so I better go”.

In the second story, the beta people-pleaser would have waited around all god fucking damned day for her to make up her mind on something or to decide to ditch the garbage she was going to try on. Meanwhile the milk in the grocery bag would be getting warm.

Men, lead your ladies.