Contributing To Personal Debt and Unemployment With a College Degree

You’re wasting your time and money on paying for classes in college to study things that will leave you thousands of dollars in debt and working in a library.

Speaking of, you should have just picked up the reading list from those classes, headed to the county library, and learned the material for free so you could spend time doing something that won’t leave your local community having to support you through the welfare system…or in the case of a couple of my friends, depending on your boyfriend/husband to not lose his well paying job so that he can pay down your debt for you.

It may be the male equivalent of a rationalization hamster spinning, but I’m often glad I left college after three semesters. I’m more focused on how to make money and have the drive to do what needs to be done to get it. What I see happening in my friends, whose ages range from early twenties to mid thirties – mostly female, is them just rolling through picking up classes and piling on the debt thinking that just because they went to school that they won’t end up back at the coffee shop, or that they’ll have a reason to leave their nanny job.

But what is a good reason to go to college now? It’d be nice to say I had earned something for my short time there ten years ago but instead I dropped out, moved 2000 miles away from home, and traveled the country playing music. I’m a little more tied down now but I still have the ability to go out an earn money doing what I want if I manage my time and resources the right way.

I may be getting the itch to do something wild and what’s to stop me?