Neckties For Spring

I just came across Cheap Neckties. What’s the risk in online ordering your ties?

They’ve a pretty good selection in the $10 range and just a handful in the $5 (they have a 5, 10, 15, 20 pricing structure)

Being as the season has changed we can start wearing thin silk ties instead of wool but as I have a tendency to stick to black, gray, and white, I’d like to reach out a little and embrace a more dusty pastel.

I don’t think I’ll be doing any pink this year. I can’t take back what I’ve done but I can choose to not let it happen again 😉


Time For New Clothes

Folks within fashion have been noticing men embracing more risky colors and styles in recent times.

Indeed, I’ve noticed on a micro level within those men that I know who usually just buy off the rack at Target are starting to have a desire to choose their clothes wisely.

I’ve been in the music scene most my life so it always seemed appropriate to wear jeans, Converse/Vans, and a black or favorite band t-shirt. It seems like there could be a time and place that would still work as a man nearly thirty years old but I’m sure I could do well to adopt a more suave style with more collared and v-neck shirts, higher quality jeans, and putting more thought into what I put on my feet.

A couple lady friends of mine think I need some cargo shorts that go below the knee. I’m thinking not so much since I’m no Wiz Khalifa. My pale complexion would agree with me.

I get a lot of inspiration reading Masculine Style. I need to save up my change and get some new threads.