I Got a Girl

I loved this song when I first heard it way back when in the 90’s. Especially the part about vacuuming in the nude. Sounded like the perfect girl. If you listen to the lyrics, she seems to start shit and I can’t remember if he’s putting up with it or doing something about it.

Something else that got to me was after spending three minutes describing how cool she is “I got a girl blah blah blah blah” he ends the song with “and she’s got a guy”.

Is he twisting the whole song and pointing out that his girl is already taken? Or perhaps it’s all a fantasy? Or he’s the “guy”?

(The lead singer went on to start the hippy cult inspired mega band The Polyphonic Spree who writes cheesy anthems about love and shit)

on another note, I, my main girl, and our kids all moved to Austin, TX. We’re living a more “traditional” lifestyle as we settle in and look for work and school for the kids. I’m too broke to go out so I don’t expect much debauchery to come from my online dating adventures or picking up girls and whatnot. Perhaps I can hit up some local manosphere characters for a beer along the way.